Sunday, July 7, 2013

Announcing: Tour De Philly IX

TDP is back!

When: Saturday, July 27th 2013 - starting at 6 PM
Where: Bars to be announced (very similar to last year)

I am very happy to announce TDP IX. We are building off of last year's area and innovations (aka the lightening round). I think after 9 years we have this thing down to a science. Think of this bar crawl like an excellent sandwich:

  • First you have an anchor bar - a place you will eat and sit at for a while as everyone meets up.
  • Then you have a lightening round - like lettuce
  • Then another lightening round - like cheese
  • Then another lightening round - like meat
  • Then ANOTHER lightening round - like the mayo you claim not to love
  • Then the final anchor bar, that last piece of bread to close the show

6 bars, 3-4 hours - you are home for SNL repeats and the comfort of your own clean bathroom.