Saturday, July 7, 2012

Introducing... The Lightning Round

The dilemma of any bar crawl is to maintain the balance between conversation and number of bars visited. Over the last few weeks, I have been struggling to think of a way to hit a bigger number of bars without making people get up every 20 minutes. I think I found a solution...


Instead of having the urge to leave all of the bars quickly, we will stay at bars 1, 2, and the final stop longer. In the middle, we are going to quickly hit a row of bars and do 1 shot at each location.

Bar 3: Nodding Head

Known for their micro-brews, Nodding Head is a favorite lunch time destination - HOWEVER - tour organizers are highly recommending to fight the impulse to order a beer. This is the lightning round, we are not staying long - so chug or get a shot!
Recommended Shot: Kamikazi

Bar 4: Ladder 15

While this place can be a haven for douchebags, it is strategically placed, large, and the staff is nice.
Recommended Shot: The Chocolate Cake (in honor of Vince)

Bar 5: Oscars Tavern

Oscars Tavern is a shit hole. Dark, small, and kind of dirty. As long as I am not eating, I love it in there.
Recommended Shot: Straight Jack Daniels